Welcome to Caffe della Pace!

Welcome to Caffe della Pace – the peace cafe …

Why don’t you relax in one of those comfy armchairs with a book? Or will you sit and people watch? Over there is a lady you met last time, from Columbia. And there is your friend, but it looks like she’s talking to her partner. Can you smell the popcorn? Or the cinnamon buns? Or the grilled veggies …? Or the pastries?


This wonderful cafe is coming soon to Montreal. It has been my dream for years now, and it looks like it is going to get real. Because I have finally FOUND A SPACE!! And it’s beautiful! We need to do some renovating – but we’re good at that.

Our café is not only for the mamas – Birth Companions also need a place where they can meet with each other or with their clients, or attend a workshop. Our community needs affordable office space and event venues. This cafe is the heart of our project, but MBC Doula School is the soul. I teach doulas about birth and doula work, and they provide volunteer doula services to the needy women we serve. I am really excited about being able to provide a space where we can teach and learn.

New mothers need community! Montreal winters are so hard for some mothers, who find it difficult to get out. Others get out happily in the snow but need somewhere to go to meet their friends. Still more want to go to a class or a group so they can learn or get support. Then when spring finally arrives, everyone is out meeting their friends and families… but where to stop for a healthy lunch?

More than anything, and more than ever, we need a place where everyone is welcome and appreciated! Women from around the world, their babies and bellies, friends, teachers and their students can come and taste Giacomo’s wonderful food, share experiences and knowledge, and create bonds that may last forever.

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