A Bump in the Road!!!!

You must all be wondering why Caffè della Pace is not yet up and running. We were going to have a grand Valentine’s Day opening, hearts and love and cinnamon cookies and all.

But our “labor” has been a little stop and start, and now we are facing a real challenge.

Here’s the story. We had found a beautiful space that we chose to make our home and were reassured by the landlord, time and time again, that we would be able to use this space to open our café. After all was signed and done, it came time to get our permits from the city borough. To our shock and dismay we were informed that not only were we not able to get our permits but, if we ever wanted to open a café in that spot we would have to spend thousands of dollars to change the zoning paperwork. But we already loved the place. It was perfect. So we decided, let’s go for it! This is just a bump in the road and we will get past it. With the good will and cooperation of the landlord, we put through all the paperwork, waited almost 2 months and just this week we got our answer.

It’s not possible. We will never be able to open our café there.

So here we are. A bit disheveled but our spirits are still strong. Our dream is still alive. Caffè della Pace will open! We won’t let some sneaky landlord or a couple of power-hungry paper pushers kill that dream. We’re going to find another place and we won’t stop trying.

You have all given us so much love, support and good energy for which we could not be more grateful. All we ask for now is for a bit of your patience. We have promised you a space where you can all feel accepted, comfortable and loved and we won’t let you down!

We are working on finding another space, and we will be ready to go as soon as that happens … and we are living and learning along the way!

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