Falling back into the saddle?

We’re all mostly back at school or unschool, work, and all that … we have had a great summer. Our very first few months of being open have been a lot of fun!

We all hope you will keep in touch over the next few weeks – come for lunch, brunch, coffee, or to take a class or a workshop, or just to hang out and people watch…

Pictures speak louder than words!

Newborn cafe!

Newborn cafe!


“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence”.


Beautiful bar built by our own craftsman


Cozy Corner


High Chair, originally built for the Chef (quite a few years ago)


Un Caffe per favore


Chalkboard graffiti in the bathroom!!


Mats for Mama Baby yoga in the park


Chef Giacomo taking a break on a really hot day in July




Mama Rivka is preparing a kale and red rice salad for you!


Everyone eating, drinking and having fun!


Old friends


Latin: basically, good food doesn’t lie


Good friends do dishes together


Good coffee, kids, stuff to do… what more could you ask?


A PIANO!!! Anyone who can play is invited to share some tunes


Ou est le cafe de la paix?? Where in the world?? Dove Siamo??

We are open from 10am to 6pm every day except Saturday, when we are open for private events (evenings also!)

Vous Pouvez nous trouver a 1002 Van Horne coin Hutchison … You can find us at 1002 Van Horne – corner Hutchison, Montreal, H2V1J5

Caffe della Pace est ouvert 10:00 a 18:00 touts les jours sauf samedi, quand nous sommes ouverts pour des evenements prives (les soirees aussi!)

Nous sommes ouvert! We’re Open!!!

Nous avons ouvert cette semaine et nous sommes ravis. Ceux qui franchissent la porte sont accueilli par les merveilleux arômes que diffusent notre pain fait maison… notre café est le meilleur … nous avons déjà accueilli plusieurs réunions communautaires … tout va bien – sauf que nous aimerions que vous veniez nous visiter!

We opened this week, and we are having a great time! Everyone who steps through the door is greeted with the wonderful aroma of our chef’s home baked bread… our coffee is the best … we have already hosted several community meetings … everything is going well – except that we would like YOU to come and visit!

Our pastries

Our pastries

First customer and famous artist

First customer and famous artist

Le café est ouvert de 10h à 18 heures tous les jours sauf le samedi. Nous servons des sandwiches végétariens, salades et soupes, avec des options sans gluten et sans produits laitiers.

The cafe is open from 10am until 6pm every day except Saturday. We serve vegetarian sandwiches, salads and soups, with gluten-free and dairy-free options.

MBC meeting at the cafe.

The cafe is open for community and private events on evenings after six pm and Saturdays. Catering is an option for events.

Le café est ouvert pour des événements communautaires et privés sur des soirées à partir de six heures le samedi. Le service de traiteur est une option pour les événements.

Bienvenue! Nous sommes impatients de vous servir!

Welcome! We are looking forward to serving you!

Mama Pace

Mama Pace

Opening Soon!!

Coffee anyone? Yes, we will be open very soon. Serving Illy coffee, Shanti organic teas, homemade vegetarian food (homemade bread, sandwiches, soups, salads and pastries). We offer a space for community groups to gather or to meet privately in the evenings or on saturdays. We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy our food, and the company of others. Stay tuned!


Coming Home to the Peace Cafe

Caffe della Pace has found a home! 1002 ave Van Horne in Montreal. We are working on getting ready to open in the spring.

We can’t wait to be able to serve you fresh and homemade vegetarian food, Illy coffee, and various healing teas. Our chef Giacomo has been preparing food for friends and family for a couple of months now, testing out recipes, feeding us all, choosing our favourites:


Just a taste of what’s to come!

The Peace Cafe is going to be open to everyone, and we will be hosting groups, discussions, meetings, either during the day’s opening hours or when the Cafe is closed in the evenings or all day Saturday, when it will be available for events. We’re hoping to host the Montreal Birth Companions, Radical Rest Homes discussion groups, University of the Streets, Friends of Hutchison, … anyone who needs a space to meet.

Caffe della Pace can’t wait to open! We will be posting soon about our opening party, in the meantime, keep us in mind, and please let us know if you’d like to be on our mailing list for weekly menu specials, events, and more! Just leave us a comment and we’ll add you to the list.

Have a wonderful day!

The Caffe della Pace team.

ps. Caffe della Pace means Cafe de la Paix or the Peace Cafe. Pace in Italian means peace – and is pronounced “pachay” (more or less).

A Bump in the Road!!!!

You must all be wondering why Caffè della Pace is not yet up and running. We were going to have a grand Valentine’s Day opening, hearts and love and cinnamon cookies and all.

But our “labor” has been a little stop and start, and now we are facing a real challenge.

Here’s the story. We had found a beautiful space that we chose to make our home and were reassured by the landlord, time and time again, that we would be able to use this space to open our café. After all was signed and done, it came time to get our permits from the city borough. To our shock and dismay we were informed that not only were we not able to get our permits but, if we ever wanted to open a café in that spot we would have to spend thousands of dollars to change the zoning paperwork. But we already loved the place. It was perfect. So we decided, let’s go for it! This is just a bump in the road and we will get past it. With the good will and cooperation of the landlord, we put through all the paperwork, waited almost 2 months and just this week we got our answer.

It’s not possible. We will never be able to open our café there.

So here we are. A bit disheveled but our spirits are still strong. Our dream is still alive. Caffè della Pace will open! We won’t let some sneaky landlord or a couple of power-hungry paper pushers kill that dream. We’re going to find another place and we won’t stop trying.

You have all given us so much love, support and good energy for which we could not be more grateful. All we ask for now is for a bit of your patience. We have promised you a space where you can all feel accepted, comfortable and loved and we won’t let you down!

We are working on finding another space, and we will be ready to go as soon as that happens … and we are living and learning along the way!

Welcome to Caffe della Pace!

Welcome to Caffe della Pace – the peace cafe …

Why don’t you relax in one of those comfy armchairs with a book? Or will you sit and people watch? Over there is a lady you met last time, from Columbia. And there is your friend, but it looks like she’s talking to her partner. Can you smell the popcorn? Or the cinnamon buns? Or the grilled veggies …? Or the pastries?


This wonderful cafe is coming soon to Montreal. It has been my dream for years now, and it looks like it is going to get real. Because I have finally FOUND A SPACE!! And it’s beautiful! We need to do some renovating – but we’re good at that.

Our café is not only for the mamas – Birth Companions also need a place where they can meet with each other or with their clients, or attend a workshop. Our community needs affordable office space and event venues. This cafe is the heart of our project, but MBC Doula School is the soul. I teach doulas about birth and doula work, and they provide volunteer doula services to the needy women we serve. I am really excited about being able to provide a space where we can teach and learn.

New mothers need community! Montreal winters are so hard for some mothers, who find it difficult to get out. Others get out happily in the snow but need somewhere to go to meet their friends. Still more want to go to a class or a group so they can learn or get support. Then when spring finally arrives, everyone is out meeting their friends and families… but where to stop for a healthy lunch?

More than anything, and more than ever, we need a place where everyone is welcome and appreciated! Women from around the world, their babies and bellies, friends, teachers and their students can come and taste Giacomo’s wonderful food, share experiences and knowledge, and create bonds that may last forever.

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